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Our Algo Trading Corner is your gateway to the exciting world of algorithmic trading. Discover how cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies can enhance your trading performance and give you an edge in the financial markets.

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About Us

To provide fast and reliable trading platforms that seamlessly connect with your desired broker and help you place trades systematically. We want to empower every retail trader with the power of algorithms and automation to make their trading journey smoother and more profitable. Technical analysis is going mainstream as a new generation is participating in financial markets and it’s all happening on AUTOMATION; It’s the future as it reduces most of the problems with Manual Trading. With thousands of technical indicators to choose from and infinite market dynamics to see in real-time, there is a growing amount of traders searching for a more powerful experience with the technical trading tools, Which can be completely Automated.

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Why Algo Trading?

With Algo Elite Trend, you’ll have access to bots that are specially designed to help you with tech trading. These bots use advanced artificial intelligence to quickly analyze the market and select the best options for you. Plus, our unique strategies will give you an edge over other traders.

Our Story
Algo Elite Trend is a trading platform that allows trades to be placed automatically by highly-automated trading algorithms. Automated trading systems use technology to complete trading tasks that would be difficult for a human trader to do alone. These trading tasks include monitoring markets, charting, and placing trades. By creating custom algorithms and trading systems, traders are able to replicate or design successful trading strategies. These technical systems can be programmed to perform trades automatically, minimizing human error, and maximizing profit. Algo Elite Trend is India’s most promising Algo trading platform for retail traders and investors in India. Made with a simple vision of making algo trading accessible to every trader/investor at a very economical price. The platform aims at providing retail traders with speed and precision in order placement across various platforms and brokers and making their trading/investing journey more smoother and profitable.

How Super Scalping Strategies will work ?

Hi Everyone …! We, Algo Elite Trend provide you with an Artificial Intelligence – Fully Automated Algo Trading Robot for Intraday Trading in the Indian stock market. Our Fully Automated Robot will Buy and Sell BankNifty – CALL or PUT Options automatically with high speed and the most accurate prices, in your own Demat account for Intraday Trading, Without any human interventions. You need not place buy orders or sell orders manually. You Need not learn Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis to earn money from the stock market. You need not watch financial markets on television

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Here is a one-stop solution for all your financial problems. Earn money from the stock market every day by subscribing to our Robot. Our Robot will take Entries, place Targets, Stop Loss, Averaging trades, and Hedging trades automatically, it’s all predefined and fixed values. Hence our Robot completely avoids Human Emotions. We are having 13 years of experience in Bank Nifty Intraday Trading and we are using this algo trading software for 3 years without any errors. There is NO holy grail strategy in the Stock Market, No Strategy will work 100 percent accurately throughout the year. So, We developed our own six intraday trading “NO LOSS” strategies, completely back-tested and fine-tuned for more than 80% accuracy. Our strategies are based on “Price Action” only. These are “Dynamic Support and Resistances”, “Camarilla Pivot Points” And “Previous Day High – Previous Day Low”. We are not at all using any delayed/lagging indicators. Depending on Today’s market Open Price, Robot will Select one most accurate strategy among the six strategies and it will be deployed automatically for today’s trading. If the market is moving upward from Support levels, then the robot will buy the CALL option. If the market reverses, the Robot will exit the CALL option and buy the PUT option immediately within a fraction of a second. It means our Robot will take the position according to the direction of the market. Our Robot will take a maximum of 4 to 5 trades in a day. All are excited on the same day. We will not carry forward any trades for tomorrow, Purely Intraday only. Our Robot will generate signals using Bank Nifty SPOT price in Amibroker Chart and take Entries in PUT or CALL Options using our Option Converter. Our Robot will buy “OUT OF THE MONEY” CALL or PUT Options with a premium of around 200 rupees. Regarding trades; We are maintaining a 1:4 risk-to-reward ratio. If there is a profit, then it will be around 2000/- rupees per trade per lot. If there is a loss, then it will be around 500/- rupees per trade per lot. In the case of Options, Target will be around 80 to 100 points and the stop loss will be around 15 to 20 points. “Money Management” is very much important to make consistent profits in the stock market. Our Robot will trade in 1 lot for 25,000/-, 2 lots for 50,000/-, 3 lots for 75,000/-, and so on. Our Robot will take care of Money Management also. For Example: If you are having 1,00,000/- rupees in your own Demat account, Robot will utilize 20,000/- to 25,000/- rupees for Intraday trading which is only one-fourth of your capital amount in your Demat, to maintain the Money Management skills. Hence your Capital is always safe in your own Demat account. Our Robot will make a profit of Approximately 2,000/- rupees per day. Hence, for 20 trading days in a month, You may get profits of around 20,000/- to 25,000/– rupees in a month after deducting losses, on your capital of 25,000/- rupees in your Demat account. We are providing Web-based applications, your job is just to “LOG IN” to our application and Switch ON/Generate Token every morning between 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Our Robot will automatically trade for you, using our backend VPS servers and accurate signals throughout the day, and makes a profit every day for you. You can engage/concentrate in your job happily. Our Robots are specially designed for working professionals. If you don’t have a laptop? No high-speed Internet? No uninterrupted power supply? No stock market data? Nothing to worry…! Our VPS Cloud servers will manage and take care of all the above under one roof. We are providing you with SIX NO-LOSS strategies, AWS-Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud servers (VPS), High-speed Internet, High-speed stock market data from Global Data feed, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Licence, Our Services, and many more. All these facilities are provided to you by Algo Elite Trend with a minimum cost of flat 9,999/- rupees per month. No other hidden charges. We also provide very accurate intraday BankNifty Options trading calls as per our robot for a lifetime free, in our Telegram channel. Our Robots work fine on platforms of AliceBlue, Angel One & Fyers. Connect with us on WhatsApp: 9930129999 Email us at: Connect@Algo Elite Trend.com Don’t wait, Don’t delay, and Don’t miss the Exciting offers …! Be Happy to trade with us…! Hurry up…! Subscribe to our Fully Automated Robot Services and Achieve Financial Freedom in Your Life, Forever…




It resists mildew and fading and is easier to clean than flat and eggshell finishes. However it can show brush or roller markers and other application flaws, and it can be difficult to touch up.


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